About Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery is the practice of surgical procedures to enhance the appearance of a person. There are many forms of cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery procedures can range from facial procedures to procedures on the body. Because there are so many types of cosmetic surgeries, it is common to break down these surgeries into the various areas.

Cosmetic surgery of the Face

There are so many procedures which can be performed on the face. The applications are not only for the aging face and skin, but also for improving the original contours on the face. Some of the more popular procedures on the face include:

Eyelid surgery

Using a variety of methods, the eyes can be enhanced to have a bigger or brighter look. For younger eyes, one of the most popular procedures is our scarless double eyelid creation, which makes use of fine sutures to create natural looking double eyelids. For older eyes, double eyelids may need to be recreated to remove some of the saggy skin appearance caused by drooping of the brow.

Eyebag surgery

Eyebags make a person look tired and old. Take many years off a face simply by removing the eyebags. Removal of eyebags can be relatively pain-free, using an evolved technique that leaves no visible scars on the face.

Facial contouring

Nose, chin and cheek contouring are just some of the common cosmetic surgical procedures performed today. With improved techniques and materials, it is now possible to achieve temporary results using fillers. Liposuction using PlasmaLipo or VASER Liposelection are ways of contouring the face by removing unwanted fatty deposits.


There are a variety of techniques to achieve lifting of the face, ranging from external skin tightening procedures, injectable fillers, to surgical methods like plasma skin tightening and threadlifts.

Cosmetic Surgery on the Body

The commonest forms of cosmetic surgery performed on the body are:

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation can be achieved with breast implants or breast fillers, or even with fat transfer with breasts lipofilling after liposuction. The most popular way of achieving breast augmentation is via breast implants and fat transfer with breast lipofilling.


The top cosmetic surgery performed in the US is liposuction. In our clinic, it is also immensely popular with our patients, and is performed using the VASER system to reduce downtime and pain.