4 Causes Why You’re Having That Acne Breakout On Your Chin

Acne Treatment, Acne Treatment Singapore

Acne Treatment, Acne Treatment Singapore

Some pimples appear and heal within days but some breakouts seem to occur again and again, leaving you with more scars to deal with. And most of the time, the recurring acne happens to appear along our chin and jawline. They are typically tender to the touch, red in colour, and may often be unresponsive to typical acne treatments.

 It is no coincidence that acne and pimples show up on that specific area of the face – the chin and jawline. Hormones are usually the reason behind chin acne, as the lower third of the face is a hormonally responsive area. During certain times on a menstrual cycle, the body experiences hormonal changes including an increase in testosterone levels. This leads to higher levels of sebum production and causes oil glands on the face to be overactive. Pores are more likely to become clogged and bacteria are encouraged to grow, causing more breakouts to occur.

Aside from fluctuations of hormone levels in the body, there are several other reasons that may be contributing to your chin acne.

1. Stress

Stress may not necessarily be the sole reason for chin acne to occur but it can exacerbate your current acne condition. According to scientists, sebum-producing cells have receptors for stress hormones thus when you’re stressed more oil and sebum is produced which end up clogging the pores. Also, your body will increase the amount of stress hormones, like cortisol, in your body. The shift in hormones can, therefore, aggravate your existing acne.

2. Dairy and milk products

There have been many studies that found a link between acne severity and milk products, but this correlation does not provea cause and effect relationship. Nonetheless, milk consumption is knownto increase hormone levels of insulin and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1). They can stimulate excess sebum production and worsen your acne.

3. Lack of sleep

Poor sleep quality can be an acne trigger. The time you are sleeping is when your body repairs itself, releases healthy hormones and regulates the hormone levels that leave you feeling refreshed when you wake up. Your acne will also have a chance to heal. When you are sleep deprived, your body may not feel well-rested and restored, which could kick start the surge of cortisol (stress hormone).

4. Overexposure to sun and UV rays

Over exposing yourself to the sun can cause the skin to dry out and the sebaceous glands will go into overdrive to make up for the lack of moisture. This excess in sebum production is key in the formation of blemishes and acne. In addition, warm weathers usually cause you to sweat more and this can create an ideal environment for P.acnes to thrive and spread. The lack of sun protection, along with excessive sun exposure, can also cause pigmentation issues, and people with existing acne scars will face increased hyperpigmentation. This won’t improve your situation, especially if you’re trying to get rid of acne scars.

What can you do about it?

From making dietary changes to using topical acne treatments, cystic acne on the chin and jawline can be a tough battle. If your breakouts are not improving, there are cosmetic options available to treat your skin more effectively.

– AGNES Acne treatment

Hailing from South Korea, AGNES is the latest technology to treat and improve acne breakouts. It works by delivering radiofrequency energy into the skin to destroy problematic sebaceous glands that cause the pores to become repeatedly blocked. When the responsible sebaceous glands are destroyed, acne will slowly subside and be unlikely to recur. The procedure is safe with no risk of skin burns or scarring, due to the use of tiny partially-insulated needles to target the sebaceous glands directly. AGNES is able to provide a more long-lasting solution to treat your cystic acne.

What about acne scars?

Treating your acne does not stop there, because you are still left with the scars it often leaves behind. Hyperpigmentation and skin textural issues are common problems for acne sufferers, and trying to get rid of them can be a challenge. Some procedures such as chemical peels can be effective for mild, superficial scarring, but they may not be effective towards deeper scars.

– Infini Fractional RadioFrequency (FRF) treatment

Microneedling is combined withradiofrequency (RF) energy to stimulate the body’s collagen production response and improve the skin. The heat generated from RF will also cause the collagen fibres to shrink and tighten immediately. Abnormal collagen, or fibrosis, can be targeted and broken by the punching action of the microneedles to help in proper healing. The insulated micro-needles allow penetration from 0.5mm to 3.5mm deep into the skin, which depends on the specific skin concern to be treated. Rolling acne scars and deep ice pick scars can be treated better with Infini to leave you with a smoother complexion.

– Secret RF treatment

For the toughest, deepest scars, Secret RF is another latest acne scar treatment that can apply controlled RF energy up to 3.5mm deep. Semi and non-insulated needles are used to penetrate the skin with less pain and stimulate collagen regeneration. It is also effective against fine lines and wrinkles, double chins, and depressed acne scars to give you a more rejuvenated and youthful look.

The above-mentioned treatments are available in Aesthetics Central Clinic. Contact our concierge at +65 62218221 or +65 84488636 to find out more.

Tell-Tale Signs To Look Out For If You Have Dehydrated Skin

Cystic Acne Singapore, Get Rid Of Acne Scars

Cystic Acne Singapore, Get Rid Of Acne Scars

Many people might be familiar with the feeling of skin tightness, rough texture and dull complexion. What is the reason behind it? Water plays a vital role in the skin. Poor diet and external factors such as the weather or environment are some of the causes behind dehydrated skin.

Dry skin is often mistaken for dehydrated skin, but they are different skin conditions. Why dry skin is a skin type characterized by lower production of sebum and oil, dehydrated skin means water content is lacking or diminished within the skin. It can happen at any time to any skin type, even to people with oily skin types. Here’s how to tell whether you are suffering from dehydrated skin.

1. Dull complexion 

As your skin is lacking the water it needs to remain healthy, the lack of hydration causes your skin to look dull. It also affects the ability of your skin to perform essential functions such as cell turnover. Without sufficient hydration, your skin is unable to shed its outer layer frequently enough, causing dead skins to accumulate on the surface. This will contribute to a less radiant, lackluster complexion.

2. Less elasticity

Having enough water content within the cells in your skin and moisture locked into them will lead them to swell and be plump. This will give the skin its healthier and plumper look. The lack of moisture results in lesser skin elasticity and lost volume, so when you gently pinch your skin, it will slowly go back down instead of quickly bouncing back to normal. Dehydrated skin can also cause the feeling of persistent tightness and discomfort, followed by an itchy sensation or even flaking.

3. Premature wrinkles and fine lines

Dehydrated skin can often display accelerated signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles and expression lines. When the skin loses its ability to hold onto moisture, it can make these facial lines look more prominent and even cause the skin to take on a crepe-like appearance. When moisture is restored to your skin, the water will fill the spaces between cells, thus smoothens out the fine lines on your face.

4. Prone to breakouts

When there is insufficient moisture in the skin, it loses the ability to hydrate itself and this can cause the overproduction of oil to compensate for the dehydration. As such, this eventually leads to breakouts due to excess sebum and oil which clog the pores. Because the skin’s ability to maintain consistent cell turnover is also limited, the buildup of dead skin cells and excess sebum can be a potential breeding ground for acne. This can be a vicious cycle for those already suffering from cystic acne.

Why hydration is important to the skin

Referred to as the skin barrier, this is the skin’s outermost layer which comprise of cells that act like bricks to hold moisture in and keep bacteria and pollutants out. When the skin is well-hydrated, the cells are filled with water and natural oils and swells, causing them to pack tightly together and make it harder for external elements to penetrate the barrier. When factors like prolonged sun exposure, cold air-con environments, and harsh cleansers, the skin’s natural oils are stripped away. This causes the cells in the skin barrier to lose water and shrivel, rendering the barrier to be less effective which allows even more moisture to escape the skin.

A weakened skin barrier is also vulnerable to bacteria and pollution penetrating deeper into the skin, which can cause inflammation to develop from acne-causing bacteria. Combined with the increased likelihood of congestion and blockages inside the pore, this means more acne breakouts.

Put your fresh face forward

Using hydrating skincare products, eating a balanced diet and drinking plenty of water can help to keep your skin hydrated. But it may need a boost from time to time, where aesthetic treatments can come in to be a savior for your parched skin.

At Aesthetics Central Clinic, our Skin Boosters treatment is filled with Hyaluronic Acid to restore hydration in your skin. This superstar ingredient is also a naturally occurring molecule in the body that promotes skin hydration and firmness. Through a series of micro injections into the skin, the Hyaluronic Acid will help to retain moisture and smoothen your skin, resulting in a more luminous, healthy complexion. Results will be effective on people battling with dry or dull skin, and ageing skin concerns like fine lines. Skin Boosters also help to stimulate collagen production which is essential to reduce the appearance of scarring, thus it can also benefit those looking to get rid of acne scars.

When skin dehydration has caused plenty of breakouts in the past, you may still be suffering from stubborn acne scars. Going for acne scar treatments like our INFINI Fractional RF treatment can help by promoting the production of deep collagen in the skin via thermal stimulation as deep as 3.5mm below the skin’s surface. This helps in acne scar remodeling which improves skin texture and reduces acne scar appearance. Deep collagen fibres are also beneficial by producing a lifting, plumping and tightening effect of the skin, for a smoother and youthful-looking complexion.

Both treatments are available in our clinic. Consult with our doctors to find the right solution for your skin, including acne treatments and lasers. Contact our concierge at +65 62218221 or +65 84488636.

How To Tell If You Are Struggling With Hormonal Acne

Cystic Acne Treatment, Cystic Acne Treatment Singapore

You may be familiar with the sudden breakout spot on your chin that appears just before and during your menstrual periods. There is no denying how debilitating acne can be, especially when they come just before a long-awaited holiday trip or a special celebratory occasion. Often, people commonly suffer from acne and can’t seem to find any relief until they turn to cystic acne treatments in aesthetic clinics.

Hormonal acne commonly appears in women between the ages of 20 to 40. But how can you tell whether your acne is related to fluctuations in your hormones? Certain key characteristics are used to pinpoint and spot if a pimple is hormonal.

The timing of the breakouts

Acne often flares up at predictable times and often manifests in a cyclical pattern, due to the nature of hormones during the phases of menstrual cycle. When monthly fluctuations in women’s progesterone and estrogen levels occur, they will experience

characteristic breakouts especially the week before the menstrual cycle, or during ovulation.

The location of the breakouts

This is a common telltale sign of a hormonal breakout. Acne that appears around your lower face – especially beneath the cheekbones, chin and along the jawline, are most likely related to hormonal issues, as compared to acne that appears on the forehead or nose. This is due to excess hormones in the body that stimulate the oil glands, making it a prime spot for breakouts to occur.

The appearance and sensation of the breakouts

Surface-level spots such as blackheads and whiteheads differ from hormonal acne, which tends to be deep and tender to the touch. Due to changes in hormone levels, there is an overproduction of sebum and overgrowth of skin cells, which causes the skin’s pores to become blocked and thus, lead to infection and inflammation.

These painful cysts can appear as deeper bumps under the surface of the skin that cannot be extracted the same way as blackheads and pustule pimples. It is important to see a professional in treating cystic acne as doing it on your own can worsen the skin condition, and cause serious infections and scarring. Cystic acne also has a higher risk of scarring, thus acne scar removal treatments can effectively improve on the textural changes and indentations that occur on the skin, and get rid of acne scars.

How to deal with hormonal acne

There are several ways to deal with hormonal acne and treat it effectively. Your skin and health need more attention now, so drinking plenty of water and eating a healthy, balanced diet can help you to feel in shape and more in control. Incorporate foods rich in phytoestrogens which can be possible to help balance the natural fluctuation of hormones.

Your skincare routine can also be improved, using with key ingredients such as glycolic acid that helps to remove dead skin cells, and retinoids which helps in reducing blockage of pores. In turn, this can reduce outbreaks and the formation of acne scars.

It is also best to consult with an aesthetic doctor to find a customized solution and address your acne condition with minimal side effects. At Aesthetics Central Clinic, our acne treatment has 3 phases: to calm the skin, prevent new breakouts, and get rid of acne scars. We will prescribe a tailored skincare regimen including creams and pills, and use a combination of peels and laser treatments to reduce pore size, improve oil production and promote scar healing.

For example, the Infini Fractional RadioFrequency (FRF) treatment is able to reach deep below the skin, up to 3.5mm, to stimulate deep collagen production which is necessary to remodel the scar fibres and smoothen the surface of the skin. The patented system uses insulated microneedles to deliver heat energy past the scar tissue, which results in mild redness and low downtime. Healthy collagen fibres replace old scar tissue, and with increased collagen levels, you can also achieve a more lifted and contoured face.

Another popular acne treatment is the AGNES treatment from Korea, which aims to treat acne permanently with low downtime. Partially insulated needles are used to administer radiofrequency energy with precision and destroy the offending, hyperactive sebaceous glands that are responsible for acne. As such, the hair follicles will no longer get inflamed and infected, which clears your acne problem permanently. The insulated needles also ensure prevention of skin burn or damage, as it target the sebaceous glands directly without affecting other areas of the skin. AGNES treatment provides a long-term solution for those looking to deal with their stubborn acne issues without oral medications or costly laser treatments with temporary results.

Find out more about the above-mentioned treatments and our acne treatment in Aesthetics Central Clinic. Contact our concierge at +65 62218221 or +65 84488636.

How To Exfoliate With Acne-Prone Skin The Right Way

For anyone suffering from acne, they know just how stressful the condition can be. It affects your physical appearance and impacts your self-esteem in how you look like. Adhering to a proper skincare routine is crucial to take care of the skin, nourish it and maintain a healthy complexion. This includes a step in any regime – exfoliation.

Exfoliation helps to clear build-up of dead skin cells that contribute to pores becoming blocked, thus forming blemishes. Dirt and excess sebum are also removed to prevent you from getting acne breakouts. It also refines your skin texture and brightens your skin complexion, and allows the following skincare products such as moisturizer to penetrate more deeply for effectiveness.

How should you exfoliate?

For acne-prone skin, the skin can also be highly sensitive, and exfoliation should be approached with the right manner to avoid causing more harm than good.

Chemical exfoliant are preferred for exfoliation over acne lesions as physical exfoliation using brushes, scrub or small grains can be too harsh, leading to more inflammation and worsening acne scarring. This can inadvertently undo your efforts in acne scar removal treatments, resulting in irritated skin and more breakouts. Physical exfoliators can also be gritty, which creates micro-tears in the skin. These act as an easy entryway for bacteria to enter and contributes to the infection of pimples.

On the other hand, chemical exfoliants encourage cellular turnover through the use of active ingredients such as glycolic acid, AHA and BHA, thereby removing dead skin cells and clearing out the pores for a more youthful glow.

How often should you exfoliate?

The frequency of exfoliating should not be overdone. Using an exfoliator daily would be excessive and overkill on your skin, causing dehydration and more problems to occur. Thus, do it more sparingly between once to thrice a week depending on your skin condition.

Boost the skin exfoliation step

Take a step further in your exfoliation routine with aesthetic treatments that can boost the condition of your skin. Available at Aesthetics Central Clinic, the 3D Deep Pore Cleansing treatment helps to clean out existing blocked pores, blackheads and other blemishes in the skin, without subjecting the skin to the trauma of painful squeezing. Aside from cleansing the pores using painless micro-jets technology, nutrients are also infused into the skin’s dermis layer that helps regenerate skin collagen for a more youthful complexion.

When it comes to taking care of acne-prone skin, one of the main objectives is also to prevent new breakouts. Going for cystic acne treatments can improve your circumstances in clearing out your pores effectively and reducing the chances of producing new blockages and pimples. At the same time, you can maximize your recovery from acne.

At Aesthetics Central Clinic, we will recommend a personalized program specially for your acne condition and address it effectively. Aside from getting new breakouts under control, we work to get rid of acne scars through a series of treatments, including laser treatments. One such laser treatment we use is the Infini Fractional RadioFrequency (FRF) which combines microneedling and radiofrequency to significantly improve deep scars, including other issues like wrinkles and saggy skin. With only minimal downtime, Infini delivers heat energy to the dermis layer to promote natural skin healing, stimulate cell regeneration and collagen production for healthier skin with reduced acne scars.

Find out more about our series of treatments including cystic acne treatmentsavailable in Aesthetic Central Clinic. Contact our concierge at +65 62218221 or +65 84488636.

Achieve Fuller Hair With Regenera Activa In Singapore

Singapore Nose Fillers, Cystic Acne Treatment

Singapore Nose Fillers, Cystic Acne Treatment

Naturally, everyone sheds about 100 strands of hair each day, but there is a common type of hair loss known as androgenetic alopecia that affects the adult population in Singapore and worldwide. This pattern hair loss affects men and women, with a variety of environmental and genetic factors that highly like contributes to the problem.

Androgenic alopecia in women begins with gradual thinning all over the head, but the hairline rarely recedes or lead to baldness. In men, hair loss typically starts from the area above the temples, forming a characteristic “M” shape and often progresses to partial or total baldness. Nonetheless, this hair loss condition can severely affect one’s emotional well-being and quality of life.

What can you do about it?

For hair loss that is not as significant, you can still use over the counter products such as a volumizing shampoo to maintain your hair’s volume and thickness, and styling sprays to add density to your mane. However, it might be not as an effective hair loss treatment in the long run and give you sustainable results.

Enter the Regenera Active in Singapore, an innovative all-natural hair growth treatment from Spain that is CE-marked, FDA-approved and HSA-approved. This treatment uses a combination of progenitor cells, growth factors and stem cells to stimulate the growth of new hair and inhibit hair loss. The procedure involves a regenerating process that uses micrografts from your own healthy hair and relies on your body’s ability to stimulate new hair growth.

The three-step procedure of Regenera Active

Step 1: Skin samples are collected and harvested from the back of your scalp. The samples measure 2.5mm in diameter approximately, so the collection site can heal quickly without leaving visible scars.

Step 2: The collected skin samples are harvested via the Regenera Activa device and the suspension that contains growth factors, stem cells and progenitor will be divided and isolated into cells that carry potent regenerative abilities. This process takes about 10 minutes.

Step 3: The mixture is then injected into areas of the scalp that suffers from hair loss. By reintroducing to the scalp, the regenerative fluid will stimulate and initiate the hair follicle regeneration process.

The entire process is about 45-mins long with minimal downtime. Only 1 session is required and you can continue with 1 maintenance session every year to enhance the outcome.

How is the results?

Visible results can be expected after 4 to 6 weeks from the first treatment. It acts almost immediately to activate hair follicles that are dormant. You will begin to notice reduced hair loss, followed by improved thickness and density for fuller scalp coverage gradually over the next 12 months.

With the availability of Regenera Activa in Singapore, it becomes an effective solution for people facing mild to moderate hair loss. Treatment should be sought as soon as possible for optimal results because hair follicles will shrink and reduce to the point where new hair no longer grows. It will be harder for you to recover hair that’s already lost.

Regenera Activa is available at Aesthetics Central Clinic. Soon, you will be on your way to fuller hair and boost your self confidence in your appearance. You can also find other aesthetic treatments for skin and face such as nose fillers and cystic acne treatment to help you achieve your desired look. Contact our concierge now at +65 62218221 or +65 84488636.

Maximise Your Skincare Routine And Enhance Its Effectiveness

Cystic Acne Treatment, Face Filler

Cystic Acne Treatment, Face Filler

From cleansers, toners, moisturisers to masks, there are so many products at our disposal to build a skincare regime. Doing your skincare routine is more than just slapping on the products and going about your day, you’d want to make sure you are getting the most out of the products so it can work effectively on your skin. Find out how you can enhance your skincare routine’s performance and reap maximum benefits for your skin.

Deep clean through exfoliation

The surface of the epidermis is where dead skin cells, dirt, and other impurities lie and they can act as a barrier that makes it less efficient for skincare products to get absorbed effectively by the skin. Cleansers help to purge your pores of dirt and leave the skin less prone to blackheads and pimples, but exfoliation is where dead skin on the top is eliminated so skincare products can penetrate more deeply and work better.

Be careful not to overdo it as over-exfoliation can leave your skin irritated and inflammed. Stick to once or twice a week. People with breakouts and acne can find that overdoing exfoliation can aggravate the condition and backfire, thus all your efforts in doing cystic acne treatments may go down the drain.

Tip: Clear out your pores without the painful facial squeezing and extraction. Our signature Cell Regeneration Treatment uses patented micro-jets to cleanse the pores and clear away dead skin and dirt. At the same time, nutrients are infused into the skin’s dermis layer to regenerate skin cells and collagen for an improved complexion.

Go in the right order

It is important to apply your products in the correct order to ensure the ingredients of each product is well absorbed by the skin instead of getting blocked by another product. Start on the order of density, from the thinnest to the thickest consistency. For example, the order should look something like: toner, essence, serum, moisturiser/oil, sunscreen. Face oils should go before moisturisers if you are using a heavily occlusive moisturiser, otherwise you can use a water-based moisturizer and apply your facial oil after.

Keep in mind that if you are using blemish spot treatments or chemical exfoliants like retinol, they should go on first before layering on the rest of your routine. When you’re treating acne or wrinkles, you’d want to allow for maximum penetration for those ingredients to work effectively on your skin.

Tip: To give an added boost to your routine, Botox can be helpful in dealing with oily and acne prone skin. Botox is not only used as a face filler, it can constrict your pores to make it appear smaller and reduce oil production. It also helps to slow down hyperactive sebaceous glands that are responsible in producing sebum to lubricate the skin. Overexcretion of sebum can make the skin oily and prone to clogged pores and breakouts, thus Botox can minimize your pore size and give a skin tightening effect. Combined with laser treatments or chemical peels, patients have experienced a significant improvement in their acne problems.

Use the right product for your skin needs

Serums contain powerhouse ingredients that penetrate deeply into the skin. Active ingredients like retinoids, Hyaluronic Acid, peptides, growth factors, and Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) are known to bring a number of benefits to the skin, treating everything from wrinkles to pigmentation. Depending on what your skin needs, choose the right serum so it can greatly benefit your skin. You can expect results like reduced hyperpigmentation, refined skin surface, hydrated skin, and revitalised complexion.

Tip: How about delivering these skin-loving ingredients deep into the dermis? With Aquagold Fine Touch, you can gain the maximum benefit as this patented hair-like thin microneedling system will penetrate painlessly to deliver customised skin solutions at 600-micron depth. This allows the ingredients to be absorbed at a much effective level. Our doctors will consult with you on your skin needs and customise the mix of ingredients that goes inside the device and straight to your dermis layers. You can expect dewy glass-like skin and improvement in large pores and fine lines.

The above-mentioned treatments are available in our clinic. If you wish to learn more on the treatments or other procedures available such as acne scar removal, contact our concierge at +65 62218221 or +65 84488636.

Must-Know Tips To Care For Your Skin After Wearing Makeup

Face Fillers, Singapore Face Fillers

Face Fillers, Singapore Face Fillers

The cosmetic industry is booming, and the use of social media marketing from celebrities, beauty gurus and influential social media personalities featuring makeup products contributes significantly. More and more people are dabbling in makeup and the reasons vary; to create a selfie-ready look, to look more professional in their job, to feel more confident in their skin, or to experiment with their creativity.

As you pile on your favourite foundation and concealer, product overload can potentially leave your skin irritated and clogged. On top of this, the humid weather in Singapore can easily make you sweat and perspire. The combination of sweat, dirt and makeup could be damaging for the skin and eventually lead to unwanted breakouts.

Find out how you can care for your skin after a long day of wearing makeup.

Remove makeup diligently

Sleeping with your face makeup on can cause a host of problems such as pimple breakouts, dull and dry complexion and inflammations. If you already have acne, this can also cause a setback to your efforts in cystic acne treatments. While wearing makeup, dead skin cells and dirt gets trapped and remain on the face until you remove it at the end of the day. This also leaves the pores susceptible to being clogged and lead to inflammation that will result in pimples. Some ingredients in makeup products can also be irritants on your skin, which might affect your skin badly if left on longer or overnight.

To prevent your skin condition from worsening, remove your makeup and clean your face at the end of the day. Massage a cleansing oil into your face. It loosens the makeup and removes the impurities without drying your skin, retaining its typical moisture level. You can also soak a cotton pad in micellar water gently wipe across your skin, great as a highly sensitive alternative. Continue your cleansing step with your choice of cleanser (foaming, cream, milk, gel) and rinse to make sure no residue is left on your skin.

Detox your skin

A deep cleanse once or twice a week can give your skin a clean slate. Use a mud-based mask to draw out any impurities and rejuvenate lacklustre skin, which will leave you with a healthy, glowing complexion. There are various types of clay you can choose from with their own unique skin-purifying benefits, such as charcoal, Kaolin clay, Bentonite clay, and Spanish clay. They all work to detoxify, exfoliate the skin, purify the pores, and minimize redness and inflammation.

Amp up the nourishment

Give some attention to your skin by using hydrating skincare products. Use Hyaluronic Acid-based serums and moisturizers to restore lost volume and maintain your moisture barrier. This naturally-produced substance in our body is excelling in holding water to give the skin its firmness and resilience. By ramping up hydration levels, you can reduce chances of dry, dehydrated skin and balance your oil production to avoid excess sebum that causes breakouts.

Treat your skin to some TLC

While these tips are here to guide your daily skincare regime, take better control of your skin by going for aesthetic treatments which can give your skin a much-needed boost.

  • Skinboosters

Injections in cosmetic treatments are not just face fillers and cheek fillers. They can also contain Hyaluronic Acid, such as Skinboosters, that will bring immense hydration to the skin. It works more effectively than your skincare products as hyaluronic acid gets delivered precisely into the skin for maximum effectiveness. When you have better skin hydration and improved skin texture, your makeup application will also be smoother.

  • Infini Fractional RadioFrequency (FRF)

Radiofrequency has been used in treatments to produce results in face lifting, facial rejuvenation, skin tightening, and wrinkle reduction. The Infini FRF stimulates collagen and elastic fibres up to 3.5mm in depth below the skin’s surface. Deep collagen production helps to tighten and plump up the skin as well as fill in scars and wrinkles. Improving your acne scars can leave you more confident in wearing makeup.

  • AGNES Acne treatment

It can be frustrating to deal with acne and wear makeup often. You’ll need to take special attention to ensure it does not clog your pores and leave you with more breakouts, especially if this is recurring adult acne. AGNES acne treatment targets damaged pores that are prone to getting blocked, inflamed and infected repeatedly. A tiny burst of energy is delivered to the damaged pore, which will cause the oil gland to shrink and reduce oil production. By treating the defective pores directly, pimples occur less frequently, are small and heal faster.

The above-mentioned treatments are available in our clinic. If you wish to learn more on the treatments or other procedures available such as acne scar removal, contact our concierge at +65 62218221 or +65 84488636.

3 Essentials To Get Your Skin Summer-Ready And Glowing

Cystic Acne Treatment, Singapore Nose Fillers

Cystic Acne Treatment, Singapore Nose Fillers

As much as people love the shimmery cheekbones courtesy of their highlighters, there is a growing trend of people moving past the artificial glitter and settle into the translucent glow from within. After all, your skin is your best accessory, and nothing spells glowy skin for the summer than supple, healthy and hydrated skin.

And for people living in Singapore, summer is almost 365 days. Living in a climate with warm weather all year round means you will barely get to experience colder, drier months in this tiny red dot. It also means skin problems commonly associated with hot and humid climates are constantly present, such as oily skin, sunburn, acne and hyperpigmentation.

Find out more about how you can tackle your skin woes and reveal your inner glow for the coming sunny days ahead.

Sun protection

Sunscreen is not only necessary on sunny days. Slather on generously on your face and body regardless of the weather when going outdoors as UV rays are always present in the day. Constant or prolonged exposure to UV rays can be damaging to the skin, causing signs of premature ageing, sun spots, melasma and pigmentation.

Many sunscreen products today are loaded with an array of antioxidants and hydrating ingredients to provide better care to your skin alongside sun protection, so you can always find one that is appropriate for your skin type. Studies have shown that people who start using a broad-spectrum sunscreen noticed reduction in visible signs of ageing.

What if you already have dark spots and wrinkles from years of unprotected exposure to the sun? The Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser treatment is an effective tool to help with skin concerns like hyperpigmentation. The beams of energy target melanin on the treated area to break them down into smaller fragments before they get eliminated by the body naturally. It is effective for people with acne marks, pigmentation problems such as sun spots, freckles, and melasma, and works as a cystic acne treatment as the laser energy can kill P-acne bacteria and shrink oil glands for better oil control. Gentle and non-invasive, Q-switched will give you an overall facial rejuvenation.

Stay hydrated

With all the heat and humidity, it is even more crucial to keep the body hydrated – which includes the skin. Whether it’s dry, oily, or combination skin type, dehydration can still pose a problem, which is most commonly caused by weather, environment and diet. To make up for the lack of moisture, the skin can overproduce an excessive amount of oil which cause signs of congestion, redness, inflammation and dull-looking appearance.

It is important to create a skincare regimen to soothe dehydrated skin. Incorporate hydrating serums and moisturisers that can help pump moisture back into the skin. Skin that is better hydrated will appear plumper and has more radiance, to reveal a glowing complexion.

You can also supplement your efforts in addressing dehydration with aesthetic treatments like Skinboosters. This injection treatment contains Hyaluronic acid, which already exists in the body, that promotes hydration and plumpness. Other benefits include increasing skin elasticity, smoothen facial lines, and brighter-looking skin with more luminosity.

Skin-pampering facials

Despite the daily skincare routine to upkeep your skin, a good facial can go a long way in rejuvenating the skin to create a healthy, glowing complexion. It can help to detox your face and clear the micro blockages that will eventually lead to pimples, breakouts and acne.

Our signature 3D Cell Regeneration uses tiny high-pressure micro-jets to penetrate deep into the skin’s dermis layer and clean out the pores while removing dead skin and dirt. At the same time, nutrients are infused into the skin to help regenerate collagen production and promote skin elastin, resulting in supple, hydrated and glowing skin.

The above-mentioned treatments are available in our clinic. If you wish to learn more on the treatments or other procedures available such as nose fillers, contact our concierge at +65 62218221 or +65 84488636.

Get Rid Of Your Pesky Blackhead Troubles Without Any Pain

When it comes to annoying skin woes, blackheads can be a pesky one to deal with. They appear as dark, small bumps in areas around your face, especially on the nose. Blackheads are hair follicles that become clogged due to the accumulation of sebum, dead skin cells, dirt and bacteria. When the trapped gunk in the pores are exposed to the air, the buildup gets oxidized and turns black, hence resulting in a blackhead.

In the world of social media and selfies, these small bumps on your skin’s surface can dampen your self-confidence, and you would be trying various solutions to get rid of them as soon as you can.

How do you remove blackheads?

There are plenty of skin products for acne and troubled skin readily available on the retail shelves to clear up your blackheads. You will need to tailor your skincare routine to accommodate that product as it can be drying or irritating. If your skin gets too dry, it can produce more oil to compensate for the lack of hydration and clog your skin.

Blackheads can be extracted, and the safest way is to do it with a dermatologist or aesthetic doctor so it will produce less inflammation and cause a recurrence or a deep scar. However, there is also a much effective solution to reduce the frequency of blackheads so you can maintain clearer skin.

Deep cleanse your pores

Facial extraction treatments involve painful facial squeezing and poking, leaving your skin slightly bruised and cause potential infections to occur. At Aesthetic Central Clinic, our signature 3D Cell Regeneration treatment uses 50 Micron Jet Technology to deep cleanse and clean the pores in your skin.

Unlike most cleansing machines and treatments, these tiny high-pressure micro-jets are able to remove dead skin cells and dirt from the epidermis layer of the skin with almost no pain. The efficiency in cleansing the pore improves and thus, effectively clears the micro blockages that eventually lead to pimples, blackheads and acne.

Deliver nutrients to your skin

The 3D Cell Regeneration treatment is also able to deliver nutrients deep into the skin’s dermis layer of skin, such as Lactic Acid and carbonated Glycolic Acid which play a vital role in skin brightening and regenerating skin cells. This helps to promote skin elastin and results in hydrated and glowing skin.

In any skincare regimen, cleansing is a crucial step to care for the pores, remove dirt and reduce the risk of pimples or acne. Consistent everyday cleansing can help remove the day’s dirt, grime and makeup, but deep cleansing treatments can go a long way in making your skin clean and clear of blemishes.

This treatment can also complement any cystic acne treatments as it can be helpful to avoid clogged pores, which will lead to blackheads and acne.

3D Cell Regeneration treatment is available in our clinic. If you wish to learn more on the treatments or other procedures available such as cheek fillers, contact our concierge at +65 62218221 or +65 84488636.

Aquagold – Customised Skin Solution To Boost Your Beauty

From face fillers to lasers and chemical peels, there are many procedures already available in an array of hyper-specialised options to treat any skin issue. While these treatments bring in various benefits to the skin, some people would prefer something with a little less downtime to fit in in their busy, everyday lives.

The Aquagold has become massively popular among celebrities when they prepare for important events and appearances. Even Kim Kardashian tried it to prep her skin for the recent Met Ball, which left her with a glowing complexion. So, what is this treatment about?

Unique and revolutionary

The Aquagold Fine Touch treatment involves the use of a micro-channeling device with a patented gold-plated needle system to deliver custom solutions into skin. It is a painless alternative to traditional microneedling, using 20 microscopic needles that are finer than a human hair strand and plated in 24-karat gold. These needles are hollow and attached to a small bottle that will be filled with a customized skin cocktail solution that addresses the needs of each individual patient.

Because the microneedles are hollow, the solution gets infused and delivered directly into the skin at a consistent depth, so they can be absorbed more effectively. The handheld device contains a blend that is completely tailored to each patient, consisting of active ingredients based on individual skin needs such as Botox, stem cells, growth factors, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. This provides you with the versatility to put whatever you like and increase its penetration to your skin.

What is it used for?

As time passes, the collagen and elastic fibers in your skin break down and the skin will appear rougher, drier, less firm and dull-looking. This treatment can help improve the overall skin quality and rejuvenates the skin for a healthy glow.

Other benefits include:

– Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
– Shrink enlarged pores
– Reduce sebum production
– Brighten skin
– Improves hyperpigmentation and scarring
– Obtain a dewy, glass-like skin

Aquagold can be used on the face, forehead, neck, chest, around the eyes and mouth, and the back of the hands.

How is the procedure?

After going through consultation with your doctor on your skin concerns, the customized skin cocktail solution is inserted into the delivery device. Your skin will be cleansed and numbing cream is applied to the treatment area. Your doctor will begin stamping it on your face repeatedly and you may feel a small stinging or prickly sensation. This will allow a maximum amount of the ingredients to be delivered into the skin.

Because the microneedles are tiny and microscopic, this reduces the chances of micro tears, bleeding and excess redness after the procedure. It provides a much gentler treatment that can deliver ingredients into the dermis and stimulate cellular renewal and collagen production in the skin.

The treatment takes only 15 minutes and results can be seen within a week after just 1 treatment. It will typically last for up to 6 months. As there is no downtime following the procedure, this makes for a perfect lunchtime treatment and to end your day with a completely rejuvenated, glowing skin!

Aquagold Fine Touch is now available in our clinic. You can also find out more on other treatments such as cystic acne treatments when you contact our concierge at +65 62218221 or +65 84488636.