Must-Know Tips To Care For Your Skin After Wearing Makeup

Face Fillers, Singapore Face Fillers

Face Fillers, Singapore Face Fillers

The cosmetic industry is booming, and the use of social media marketing from celebrities, beauty gurus and influential social media personalities featuring makeup products contributes significantly. More and more people are dabbling in makeup and the reasons vary; to create a selfie-ready look, to look more professional in their job, to feel more confident in their skin, or to experiment with their creativity.

As you pile on your favourite foundation and concealer, product overload can potentially leave your skin irritated and clogged. On top of this, the humid weather in Singapore can easily make you sweat and perspire. The combination of sweat, dirt and makeup could be damaging for the skin and eventually lead to unwanted breakouts.

Find out how you can care for your skin after a long day of wearing makeup.

Remove makeup diligently

Sleeping with your face makeup on can cause a host of problems such as pimple breakouts, dull and dry complexion and inflammations. If you already have acne, this can also cause a setback to your efforts in cystic acne treatments. While wearing makeup, dead skin cells and dirt gets trapped and remain on the face until you remove it at the end of the day. This also leaves the pores susceptible to being clogged and lead to inflammation that will result in pimples. Some ingredients in makeup products can also be irritants on your skin, which might affect your skin badly if left on longer or overnight.

To prevent your skin condition from worsening, remove your makeup and clean your face at the end of the day. Massage a cleansing oil into your face. It loosens the makeup and removes the impurities without drying your skin, retaining its typical moisture level. You can also soak a cotton pad in micellar water gently wipe across your skin, great as a highly sensitive alternative. Continue your cleansing step with your choice of cleanser (foaming, cream, milk, gel) and rinse to make sure no residue is left on your skin.

Detox your skin

A deep cleanse once or twice a week can give your skin a clean slate. Use a mud-based mask to draw out any impurities and rejuvenate lacklustre skin, which will leave you with a healthy, glowing complexion. There are various types of clay you can choose from with their own unique skin-purifying benefits, such as charcoal, Kaolin clay, Bentonite clay, and Spanish clay. They all work to detoxify, exfoliate the skin, purify the pores, and minimize redness and inflammation.

Amp up the nourishment

Give some attention to your skin by using hydrating skincare products. Use Hyaluronic Acid-based serums and moisturizers to restore lost volume and maintain your moisture barrier. This naturally-produced substance in our body is excelling in holding water to give the skin its firmness and resilience. By ramping up hydration levels, you can reduce chances of dry, dehydrated skin and balance your oil production to avoid excess sebum that causes breakouts.

Treat your skin to some TLC

While these tips are here to guide your daily skincare regime, take better control of your skin by going for aesthetic treatments which can give your skin a much-needed boost.

  • Skinboosters

Injections in cosmetic treatments are not just face fillers and cheek fillers. They can also contain Hyaluronic Acid, such as Skinboosters, that will bring immense hydration to the skin. It works more effectively than your skincare products as hyaluronic acid gets delivered precisely into the skin for maximum effectiveness. When you have better skin hydration and improved skin texture, your makeup application will also be smoother.

  • Infini Fractional RadioFrequency (FRF)

Radiofrequency has been used in treatments to produce results in face lifting, facial rejuvenation, skin tightening, and wrinkle reduction. The Infini FRF stimulates collagen and elastic fibres up to 3.5mm in depth below the skin’s surface. Deep collagen production helps to tighten and plump up the skin as well as fill in scars and wrinkles. Improving your acne scars can leave you more confident in wearing makeup.

  • AGNES Acne treatment

It can be frustrating to deal with acne and wear makeup often. You’ll need to take special attention to ensure it does not clog your pores and leave you with more breakouts, especially if this is recurring adult acne. AGNES acne treatment targets damaged pores that are prone to getting blocked, inflamed and infected repeatedly. A tiny burst of energy is delivered to the damaged pore, which will cause the oil gland to shrink and reduce oil production. By treating the defective pores directly, pimples occur less frequently, are small and heal faster.

The above-mentioned treatments are available in our clinic. If you wish to learn more on the treatments or other procedures available such as acne scar removal, contact our concierge at +65 62218221 or +65 84488636.

3 Essentials To Get Your Skin Summer-Ready And Glowing

Cystic Acne Treatment, Singapore Nose Fillers

Cystic Acne Treatment, Singapore Nose Fillers

As much as people love the shimmery cheekbones courtesy of their highlighters, there is a growing trend of people moving past the artificial glitter and settle into the translucent glow from within. After all, your skin is your best accessory, and nothing spells glowy skin for the summer than supple, healthy and hydrated skin.

And for people living in Singapore, summer is almost 365 days. Living in a climate with warm weather all year round means you will barely get to experience colder, drier months in this tiny red dot. It also means skin problems commonly associated with hot and humid climates are constantly present, such as oily skin, sunburn, acne and hyperpigmentation.

Find out more about how you can tackle your skin woes and reveal your inner glow for the coming sunny days ahead.

Sun protection

Sunscreen is not only necessary on sunny days. Slather on generously on your face and body regardless of the weather when going outdoors as UV rays are always present in the day. Constant or prolonged exposure to UV rays can be damaging to the skin, causing signs of premature ageing, sun spots, melasma and pigmentation.

Many sunscreen products today are loaded with an array of antioxidants and hydrating ingredients to provide better care to your skin alongside sun protection, so you can always find one that is appropriate for your skin type. Studies have shown that people who start using a broad-spectrum sunscreen noticed reduction in visible signs of ageing.

What if you already have dark spots and wrinkles from years of unprotected exposure to the sun? The Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser treatment is an effective tool to help with skin concerns like hyperpigmentation. The beams of energy target melanin on the treated area to break them down into smaller fragments before they get eliminated by the body naturally. It is effective for people with acne marks, pigmentation problems such as sun spots, freckles, and melasma, and works as a cystic acne treatment as the laser energy can kill P-acne bacteria and shrink oil glands for better oil control. Gentle and non-invasive, Q-switched will give you an overall facial rejuvenation.

Stay hydrated

With all the heat and humidity, it is even more crucial to keep the body hydrated – which includes the skin. Whether it’s dry, oily, or combination skin type, dehydration can still pose a problem, which is most commonly caused by weather, environment and diet. To make up for the lack of moisture, the skin can overproduce an excessive amount of oil which cause signs of congestion, redness, inflammation and dull-looking appearance.

It is important to create a skincare regimen to soothe dehydrated skin. Incorporate hydrating serums and moisturisers that can help pump moisture back into the skin. Skin that is better hydrated will appear plumper and has more radiance, to reveal a glowing complexion.

You can also supplement your efforts in addressing dehydration with aesthetic treatments like Skinboosters. This injection treatment contains Hyaluronic acid, which already exists in the body, that promotes hydration and plumpness. Other benefits include increasing skin elasticity, smoothen facial lines, and brighter-looking skin with more luminosity.

Skin-pampering facials

Despite the daily skincare routine to upkeep your skin, a good facial can go a long way in rejuvenating the skin to create a healthy, glowing complexion. It can help to detox your face and clear the micro blockages that will eventually lead to pimples, breakouts and acne.

Our signature 3D Cell Regeneration uses tiny high-pressure micro-jets to penetrate deep into the skin’s dermis layer and clean out the pores while removing dead skin and dirt. At the same time, nutrients are infused into the skin to help regenerate collagen production and promote skin elastin, resulting in supple, hydrated and glowing skin.

The above-mentioned treatments are available in our clinic. If you wish to learn more on the treatments or other procedures available such as nose fillers, contact our concierge at +65 62218221 or +65 84488636.

Get Rid Of Your Pesky Blackhead Troubles Without Any Pain

When it comes to annoying skin woes, blackheads can be a pesky one to deal with. They appear as dark, small bumps in areas around your face, especially on the nose. Blackheads are hair follicles that become clogged due to the accumulation of sebum, dead skin cells, dirt and bacteria. When the trapped gunk in the pores are exposed to the air, the buildup gets oxidized and turns black, hence resulting in a blackhead.

In the world of social media and selfies, these small bumps on your skin’s surface can dampen your self-confidence, and you would be trying various solutions to get rid of them as soon as you can.

How do you remove blackheads?

There are plenty of skin products for acne and troubled skin readily available on the retail shelves to clear up your blackheads. You will need to tailor your skincare routine to accommodate that product as it can be drying or irritating. If your skin gets too dry, it can produce more oil to compensate for the lack of hydration and clog your skin.

Blackheads can be extracted, and the safest way is to do it with a dermatologist or aesthetic doctor so it will produce less inflammation and cause a recurrence or a deep scar. However, there is also a much effective solution to reduce the frequency of blackheads so you can maintain clearer skin.

Deep cleanse your pores

Facial extraction treatments involve painful facial squeezing and poking, leaving your skin slightly bruised and cause potential infections to occur. At Aesthetic Central Clinic, our signature 3D Cell Regeneration treatment uses 50 Micron Jet Technology to deep cleanse and clean the pores in your skin.

Unlike most cleansing machines and treatments, these tiny high-pressure micro-jets are able to remove dead skin cells and dirt from the epidermis layer of the skin with almost no pain. The efficiency in cleansing the pore improves and thus, effectively clears the micro blockages that eventually lead to pimples, blackheads and acne.

Deliver nutrients to your skin

The 3D Cell Regeneration treatment is also able to deliver nutrients deep into the skin’s dermis layer of skin, such as Lactic Acid and carbonated Glycolic Acid which play a vital role in skin brightening and regenerating skin cells. This helps to promote skin elastin and results in hydrated and glowing skin.

In any skincare regimen, cleansing is a crucial step to care for the pores, remove dirt and reduce the risk of pimples or acne. Consistent everyday cleansing can help remove the day’s dirt, grime and makeup, but deep cleansing treatments can go a long way in making your skin clean and clear of blemishes.

This treatment can also complement any cystic acne treatments as it can be helpful to avoid clogged pores, which will lead to blackheads and acne.

3D Cell Regeneration treatment is available in our clinic. If you wish to learn more on the treatments or other procedures available such as cheek fillers, contact our concierge at +65 62218221 or +65 84488636.

Aquagold – Customised Skin Solution To Boost Your Beauty

From face fillers to lasers and chemical peels, there are many procedures already available in an array of hyper-specialised options to treat any skin issue. While these treatments bring in various benefits to the skin, some people would prefer something with a little less downtime to fit in in their busy, everyday lives.

The Aquagold has become massively popular among celebrities when they prepare for important events and appearances. Even Kim Kardashian tried it to prep her skin for the recent Met Ball, which left her with a glowing complexion. So, what is this treatment about?

Unique and revolutionary

The Aquagold Fine Touch treatment involves the use of a micro-channeling device with a patented gold-plated needle system to deliver custom solutions into skin. It is a painless alternative to traditional microneedling, using 20 microscopic needles that are finer than a human hair strand and plated in 24-karat gold. These needles are hollow and attached to a small bottle that will be filled with a customized skin cocktail solution that addresses the needs of each individual patient.

Because the microneedles are hollow, the solution gets infused and delivered directly into the skin at a consistent depth, so they can be absorbed more effectively. The handheld device contains a blend that is completely tailored to each patient, consisting of active ingredients based on individual skin needs such as Botox, stem cells, growth factors, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. This provides you with the versatility to put whatever you like and increase its penetration to your skin.

What is it used for?

As time passes, the collagen and elastic fibers in your skin break down and the skin will appear rougher, drier, less firm and dull-looking. This treatment can help improve the overall skin quality and rejuvenates the skin for a healthy glow.

Other benefits include:

– Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
– Shrink enlarged pores
– Reduce sebum production
– Brighten skin
– Improves hyperpigmentation and scarring
– Obtain a dewy, glass-like skin

Aquagold can be used on the face, forehead, neck, chest, around the eyes and mouth, and the back of the hands.

How is the procedure?

After going through consultation with your doctor on your skin concerns, the customized skin cocktail solution is inserted into the delivery device. Your skin will be cleansed and numbing cream is applied to the treatment area. Your doctor will begin stamping it on your face repeatedly and you may feel a small stinging or prickly sensation. This will allow a maximum amount of the ingredients to be delivered into the skin.

Because the microneedles are tiny and microscopic, this reduces the chances of micro tears, bleeding and excess redness after the procedure. It provides a much gentler treatment that can deliver ingredients into the dermis and stimulate cellular renewal and collagen production in the skin.

The treatment takes only 15 minutes and results can be seen within a week after just 1 treatment. It will typically last for up to 6 months. As there is no downtime following the procedure, this makes for a perfect lunchtime treatment and to end your day with a completely rejuvenated, glowing skin!

Aquagold Fine Touch is now available in our clinic. You can also find out more on other treatments such as cystic acne treatments when you contact our concierge at +65 62218221 or +65 84488636.

Skin Rejuvenation – Infini For Acne Scars & Skin Tightening

Acne Scar Treatment

Dealing with acne scars on darker skin can be a challenge – It may lead to keloids or even hyperpigmentation. While it may seem difficult due to the higher potency for side effects, it isn’t impossible – All you need is an experienced doctor with an in-depth knowledge along with the proper medical device.

In this article, we’ll discuss about the basics of acne scars, why it is more challenging to treat acne scars on patients with dark skin and more details regarding the only treatment available which is clinically proven.

What are Acne Scars?

Acne scars are formed when your skin tissues are damaged. Usually dubbed as the “aftermath” of acne, these acne scars are either depressed or raised. Mistakes such as popping your pimples will definitely cause scarring!

Types of Acne Scars

There are several forms of acne scars & it is extremely important for your doctors to be able to accurately identify it’s type. Basically, this is because different types of acne scars respond better to certain treatments.

There isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” treatment! In fact, most patients usually have a myriad of acne scars all cluttered in the same areas. Hence, it is important to be patient & allow your doctor to analyze all the different types of acne scars, which is why the assessment & consultation usually takes longer.

Difficulties in treating acne scars for dark skin patients

Being able to accurately identify the type of acne scars may already be difficult as only an experienced doctor is usually the right fit. What’s worse is that it may be even more complicated for patients with dark skin, due to the higher susceptibility to side effects such as Keloids & Hyperpigmentation.

• Keloids: When your skin is hurt, fibrous tissue forms over the wound to repair & protect the injury. When the fibrous tissue is excessive, hard & smooth growths are formed and these are called Keloids.

Keloid Scar on dark skin

• Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (aka PIH): It develops when an irritation or a wound (e.g pimple) makes your skin inflamed. Hence, your skin will try to heal but as a result it produces too much melanin, which darkens & discolors your skin. This is longer & more severe in darker skinned patients. In a nutshell, the more inflamed your wounds are, the worse the hyperpigmentation gets.

The safe solution – Infini for acne scars

“I’ve been using INFINI for about a year, we have been really excited about the results we have seen for acne scars* and neck* rejuvenation. I think one of the things that stands out with INFINI as opposed to other devices is minimal downtime. You can finish a skin rejuvenation treatment and just be a little pink the next day.”
Joel Cohen, MD

The Infini Radiofrequency Microneedling is a unique medical device which has the ability to deliver 2 treatment techniques into a single device. The doctors will be able to control the treatment depth & energy levels (with precision) for acne scars, regardless of skin type!

Infini is clinically proven, with studies to back it’s technology. These histology images below show the discrete coagulative injury zones in the dermis while sparing the epidermis. The natural healing process, following the skin rejuvenation treatment, replaces the damaged zones with new collagen & elastin.

The Infini basically breaks down your old collagen & elastin. At the same time, it repairs your skin via the stimulation of cell regeneration. New collagen, when produced, makes your skin healthier & removed acne scars!

The Infini is also able to target extremely deep dermal layers of your skin where your severe acne scars are (up to 3.5mm depth)!

Also, doctors are able to customize it’s depth with precision to eliminate unwanted damage to the upper layers of your skin – No unwanted wounds = no keloids/post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation! This is currently the best & safest acne scars treatment for patients with dark skin!

Last but not least, the Infini has a shorter downtime than traditional Fractional Lasers: 3 to 5 days for Infini versus 5 to 7 days for Fractional Lasers.

Hand Rejuvenation: Do Your Hands Reveal Your True Age?

Cheek Fillers, Face Fillers

Cheek Fillers, Face Fillers

Hands can reveal a lot about a person and they are also one of the first parts of the body to show signs of ageing. They are often paid less attention to in a skincare regimen but are an easy giveaway of your age. And with all that effort given to your face, why not show the same care to your hands to maintain a youthful look?

Today, new techniques in hand rejuvenation allow doctors to remove tell-tale signs of ageing – wrinkly skin, prominent veins and dark spots. If you’re already taking excellent care of your face to look younger, your hands should also be telling the same story.

What cause our hands to age?

Ageing hands are due to a loss of soft tissue volume, making the skin thinner and results in the veins and tendons in the hands to become more visible. As collagen production slows down over the years, the skin loses collagen and elastin and contributes to the hands getting a “sunken” look.

The thin and fragile skin on the hands is also subjected to constant sun exposure, repeated friction and effects of external environments such as air conditioning and drying household products. This makes the hands more susceptible to the appearance of age spots, sun damage and premature wrinkles.

A good tip is to use sunscreen on your hands too to protect against the sun’s harmful rays. Aside from your face, apply it generously on your hands and forearms to help delay photo-ageing effects and sun spots to appear.

For an added boost in hand rejuvenation, there are 3 cosmetic treatments you should know about that can keep the ageing signs at bay.

Chemical peels

Chemical peels can help to improve the tone, texture and surface of the skin, ultimately reducing the signs of ageing on your hands. They can be applied in varying concentrations of acids to exfoliate the outer layer of the skin, lighten dark spots and treat wrinkles on the hands by stimulating collagen production.


Injectable dermal fillers are commonly used in facial rejuvenation, but they’re not only beneficial as face or cheek fillers. If you have saggy, loose skin with prominent veins and tendons, this can be improved with Hyaluronic acid fillers such as Restylane Lyft that can restore volume to the hands and deliver natural-looking results. Another popular face filler is the Juvederm, which can fill in the soft tissues of the dermis layer of the hands and retain Hyaluronic acid, a natural substance in the skin to increase skin elasticity and thickness.


Laser treatments are not only beneficial for facial rejuvenation or skin concerns like acne scars; they can also tackle ageing signs on the hands. The Q-switched Nd:YAG laser, for example, can treat pigmentation and sun spots with minimal downtime. Laser energy is absorbed by the pigments and broken into smaller fragments before being cleared away by the body. Another laser treatment is the Infini, which delivers laser energy to stimulate deep collagen and reduce wrinkles, sagging skin and pigmentation removal.

These hand rejuvenation treatments can be combined and used to complement each other to achieve the best results for you. Talk to our doctors today on how to reverse the signs of ageing on your hands.

Find out more on our range of hand rejuvenation treatments or other procedures available such as cystic acne treatments when you contact our concierge at +65 62218221 or +65 84488636.

How To Reshape Your Face In 3 Steps Without Any Surgery

Cystic Acne Treatment, Cystic Acne Treatment Singapore

Cystic Acne Treatment, Cystic Acne Treatment Singapore

Losing weight can already be challenging, and having extra fat in the face can be an additional problem that is frustrating to deal with. Facial exercises can help to improve facial appearance and tone facial muscles while cutting down on refined carbs can help reduce fat storage and aid in facial fat loss.

However, sometimes there is only so much that exercise and a change in diet could help. In particular, many people in Singapore are Asians who have naturally round face, short nose, chubby cheeks and short chin. Furthermore, the popular V-shaped face became highly desirable in both eastern and western cultures, where the face shape is conformed to the rule of thirds. An ideally proportioned face means the lower 1/3 of the face and upper 1/3 of the face is equal.

If you have always been wishing to improve your facial silhouette, there is a way to achieve it in three steps without the need for surgery.

Filler injectables

The sides of the V can be achieved by facial slimming for a more defined jawline. Botox injectables has been safely used to reduce the width of the face. It is injected directly to the chewing muscle (masseter) which will cause it to weaken and shrink in size. The jaw muscles can be strong and bulk up over time, especially in people who grind or clench their teeth, which results in a more squarish lower shape of the face. For people with a round or chubby face, the size of the prominent masseter muscle is reduced so the jawline will soften into a slimmer, less angular shape.

Chin fillers

The chin plays a significant role in creating the desirable and popular V-shaped face, and it helps in creating the visual illusion of a slimmer face. With chin fillers, the chin can be lengthened or brought forward to create the ideal proportion in the lower face to improve the silhouette of the whole face in a less invasive procedure.

The popularity of chin fillers in Singapore is growing as many Asians generally have short chins. By adding volume in the right places, the chin can be finely manipulated to look more defined and improve one’s overall aesthetic appeal.

V-Lift nose threadlift

Another trend in cosmetic treatments is V-Lift nose thread lift which helps you achieve a slimmer and more defined nose bridge without surgery. Absorbable polydioxanone (PDO) suture threads are used to insert into the nose bridge and columella, to provide a lifting effect on the nose tip and bridge. When the nose tip is raised and the nose bridge is narrower and sharper with more definition, this creates the illusion that the entire nose is smaller.

This absorbable thread material is commonly used in surgery to stitch up internal organs. In about a year, the threads will be naturally absorbed and collagen will begin to form around the threads. Thus, this helps to maintain the effects of nose threadlift longer.

The use of non-surgical cosmetic treatments for nose, chin and face can help in facial remodelling and reshaping to make your features sharper, more defined with a slimmer facial silhouette. These procedures are quick with minimal pain and downtime as compared to surgery options.

The above-mentioned treatments are available in our clinic. If you wish to seek more details on them or other treatments available such cystic acne treatment in Singapore, contact our concierge at +65 62218221 or +65 84488636.

All You Need To Know About The Rejuran-I Treatment

First of all, let’s understand the basics & concepts revolving around the popular Rejuran Healer, and after which we’ll touch on the specifications of the Rejuran-I.

We highly encourage you to read through this whole article so that you’ll get a proper understanding of the Rejuran, specifications of the Rejuran-I (eye) & how they can benefit you.

For introduction purposes, the Rejuran Healer (originating from South Korea) was first approved in Singapore a couple of years ago in 2017. It is a unique & revolutionary concept of skin rejuvenation by administering polynucleotide into the dermis to improve the physiological of the skin inside of you. These polynucleotides assist with tissue repair & stimulates collagen naturally. Basically, skin repair & rejuvenation from within.

General Benefits of the holistic Rejuran Healer

The Rejuran Healer’s rejuvenating properties have various valuable impacts for your skin (backed by clinical studies):

  • Improved skin elasticity
  • Improved skin hydration
  • Reduced fine lines & wrinkles
  • Skin repair – improved functionality of the skin’s barrier
  • Skin normalization – thickening of the skin & regulation of oil production
  • Improved skin tone
  • Improved skin texture

Common Treatments using the Rejuran Healer:

  • Dark Eye Circles
  • Enlarged Pores
  • Saggy skin
  • Dull skin
  • Fine lines & Wrinkles
  • Acne Scars
  • Stretch Marks

Recently in late 2018, the Korean manufacturers of the Rejuran Healers expanded their catalogues by adding the Rejuran-I (specifically for rejuvenation for thin skin, especially the eye areas), the Rejuran-S (specifically for acne scars) & the Rejuran-HB for intensive skin hydration.

Primary Mode of Action

The main ingredient of the Rejuran Healer, Rejuran-I and Rejuran-S PN (Sodium Polynucleotide) consist of long polymeric nucleotides from salmon and achieving intended use through following properties:

  • Highly purified long chain polynucleotides from natural origin
  • Characterization of high water binding capacity and viscoelasticity
  • High molecular weight polynucleotide chains that easily bind to water molecules

This results in the reconstruction and improvement of physical appearance of your skin and tissues. Salmon DNA is very similar to human DNA, hence it is compatible & safe without causing any adverse side effects. The salmon DNA used in Rejuran is purified to be free from other components such as proteins which may trigger a negative immune response.

Difference between the Rejuran Healer, Rejuran-I (eye), Rejuran-S & Rejuran-HB

TypeKey Takeaways
Rejuran HealerIt is the most versatile type & the first range of Rejuran for a holistic skin healing. This induces fibroblasts production which promotes the production of collagen for skin rejuvenation & improved skin elasticity.
Rejuran-I (eye)A more liquid form of the Rejuran Healer which means that it can be better safely used for the thin skin around our eyes without causing lumps.
Rejuran-SHigher concentration of polynucleotide which better heals the acne scars tissues.
Rejuran HBFor intensive skin hydration due to the presence of Hyaluronic Acid as well, hence promoting both skin hydration & skin repair.

In a nutshell, the Rejuran Healer is for a holistic skin rejuvenation, while the Rejuran-I is specifically to better suit the areas with thin skin & the Rejuran-S is to promote better acne scars reduction.

Product Specifications about the Rejuran-I (eye)

  • Active Ingredient: PN (Polynucleotide)
  • Intended purpose of use: Promotes tissue restoration, reconstruction and improvement of physical appearance. Optimized for thinned skin: face (crow’s feet, cheeks) and neck.
  • Method of administration: Intra dermal injection or cannula
  • Needle Type: Tiny 34G x 4mm
  • Package: 1 ml per syringe, 1 syringe per box
  • Recommended Storage: At room temperature (23 to 27⁰ C)

What is the Rejuran-I (eye) Procedure? What should I expect in your clinic?

The Rejuran-I (eye) is the administration (strictly by our professional aesthetic doctors) of PN (Salmon DNA). This reduces or even completely eliminate crow’s feet & fine wrinkles around your eyes, and also improves the elasticity around our eyes area due to it’s generally thin skin.

We’ll start off with a detailed assessment & consultation with our aesthetic doctors (Dr Chow Yuen Ho or Dr Ryan Tan). This first step is crucial as your medical history will be assessed to ensure that this procedure is safe for you, as well as an analysis of the type & severity of your wrinkles.

After addressing all of the queries, numbing cream is applied topically on the treated areas if you decided to start the Rejuran journey with us! The numbing cream is generally applied for 20 to 30 minutes to minimize discomfort during the administration of the Rejuran.

Next, tiny fine needles are used in a series of micro-precised injections to minimize discomfort & also maximize the results during each session. After the administration of the Rejuran, our clinic assistants will topically apply antibiotic creams & healing serums on the treated areas.

Last but not least, it is also important to adhere to the post-procedure advices which will be explained by our aesthetic doctors. This to prevent complications & also to maximize the benefits of the Rejuran.

Benefits of the Rejuran-I (eye) treatment

  • Reduced fine lines & wrinkles: Wrinkles were significantly reduced after the administration of the Rejuran for a total of 4 times within a 2 to 4 weeks interval each.
  • Improved Crow’s Feet: Based on clinical trials of the administration of Rejuran for 4 times at a 2 weeks interval, results showed a significant improvement of the wrinkles by up to 94.29%!

Expected Results of the Rejuran-I (eye) treatment

After the first sessionReduced skin inflammation, Improved skin texture
After the second sessionDecreased fine lines & wrinkles, improved skin elasticity
After the third sessionVolumization of the skin under your eyes 

For best results, it is generally recommended to administer the Rejuran on a monthly basis for the first 3 months, followed by a maintenance session every 6 months thereafter. However, please kindly be patient as it takes time for the skin to repair itself from within – Results are generally seen after 4 weeks of each administration.

Please also kindly note that each individual’s skin is different and results may vary. It is best to let our aesthetic doctors conduct a thorough assessment & consultation so that they can provide a personalized advice.

Can the Rejuran-I (eye) be used in conjunction with other treatments?

Yes you can! Please kindly speak to our aesthetic doctors for a personalized assessment & recommendation. An example will be the administration of botox to further reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Our consultation fees starts from $0 without any obligations to commit to any treatments, no time-limitations nor any hard-selling! Please kindly contact our concierge at 62218221 / 84488636 (sms/whatsapp available) to arrange for an appointment!

Adult Acne: Why You Keep Breaking Out From The Same Spot

Acne Scar Removal, Cystic Acne Treatment

Acne Scar Removal, Cystic Acne Treatment

Most people’s relationship with acne started during their teens at the stage of puberty. Yet more than half of them experience outbreaks of acne in their adult years. The vicious cycle of stress-related acne will only make you break out more, thanks to the high cortisol levels released during times of stress.

These breakouts can even show up in the same spot again and again, which can have significant negative impacts from skin pigmentation to acne scarring that leads to lower self-confidence.

People often turn to using anti-acne products and making lifestyle changes, but they still get frustrated with frequent breakouts. Why is it happening and what can you do about it?

What is adult acne?

The main contributors of adult acne are sebum, the skin’s natural oil that is produced in the sebaceous glands. When there is increased sebum production, it provides an ideal environment for the P. acnes bacterium that’s already residing on the skin to be attracted deep into the hair follicles (pores). The hair will get clogged and when the immune system is unable to eliminate the bacteria, the inflammation reaction persists and leads to acne pustules and cysts.

Acne is caused by multiple factors but if you’re frequently experiencing breakouts on the lower face, chances are it is more hormone than hygiene-based or unhealthy eating.

Why is my acne recurrent?

In adult acne, certain pores on the face will get damaged over time. This problem is prevalent as out of the thousands of pores on the face, there is a very small percentage of pores that are damaged, which means they get blocked more easily than normal pores.

When there is an increase in sebum production, due to reasons like diet, stress, or environmental factors, these damaged pores are more susceptible to blockage, leading them to form into pimples. Normal pores can typically cope with increased oil levels but for damaged pores, they get clogged and result in acne breakouts. Thus, this is why your acne always affects the same few spots on the face.

What is the solution?

As these “bad pores” are the reason that made your skin acne-prone, the solution is to selectively treat the pores one by one. This is done by the doctor who will begin looking at every single of your pores painstakingly under a microscope. Even though it can be a lengthy detailed work, the result is satisfying as it is very effective.

At Aesthetics Central Clinic, we use a special device developed in Japan and Korea to introduce a tiny burst of electrical energy into each damaged pore on a microscopic level, delivered through a fine wire that is directly inserted into each pore. The burst of energy causes the affected oil glands to shrink and produce less oil, thus lowering the chances of the damaged pore getting clogged. Subsequently, pimples will be less likely to form.

As the offending sebaceous glands are eliminated, you can expect to see around 70% to 90% improvement in your pimples and acne. They will also occur less frequently and heal faster. Most patients also notice 50% improvement after just one treatment! As fewer pimples pop up, you can then focus on going for acne scar removal in Singapore for existing marks and scars from previous breakouts to achieve a clearer complexion.

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Crystal Tomato: Treating Your Skin From Inside Out

Acne Scar Removal, Cystic Acne Treatment

Acne Scar Removal, Cystic Acne Treatment

For some people, the never-ending battle to attain clear skin is all too familiar. From bad acne breakouts to ageing spots, these can cause scars and pigmentation to appear on your skin. There are many procedures around like acne scar removal in Singapore to lighten pigmentation and brighten your complexion. But what about treating your skin from within?

One of the latest trends in beauty and skincare is supplements, which have come a long way from old-fashioned hair and skin vitamins. They are formulated with key ingredients to tackle specific skin issue and work from the inside out to achieve pristine skin. Even celebs are in on this supplement-boosted beauty trend, with Friends-actress Jennifer Aniston taking drinkable collagen to maintain stronger nails and a glowy complexion. With supplements on the rise, many people have added them to be a part of their beauty routine, and you can too.

Crystal Tomato supplement

Facing skin pigmentation issues? Have some acne scars to lighten? Crystal Tomato is a skincare supplement that is produced from 100% natural and organic ingredients which are beneficial for skin health. The secret to how effective Crystal Tomato lies in its active ingredient – Crystal Tomato Carotenoids which have been extracted and prepared through patented technology for oral consumption. A result of 10 years of R&D, they are a unique breed of white tomatoes which are specially cultivated for supplement use and scientifically proven to bring skin whitening and brightening benefits.

Taken just once a day, Crystal Tomato supplement can be a part of your daily routine. A box contains a months’ supply, packed in 3 convenient blister strips of 10s each. Because it is a 100% natural food supplement, it is safe for daily consumption over a long-term period.

What can it do for your skin

The benefits Crystal Tomato have for your skin includes:

• Promotes radiant complexion and an even skin tone

• Protection against UVA and UVB rays to prevent sunburn, UV damage and photo-oxidation

• Inhibits melanin synthesis which helps to prevent the formation of pigmentation spots

• Contains anti-inflammatory properties to fight against UV damage and wounds

• Protection against free radical damage as anti-oxidants, which are caused by external/environmental factors

• Brings an anti-ageing and anti-photo ageing effect by lowering the melanin that’s present in the cells such as age spots, freckles, acne scars

• Supports the activities of other active ingredients and enhances its efficacy

From clinical trials, specific skin improvements were also recorded after 84 days of consuming Crystal Tomato supplements. These include a decrease in skin roughness and dryness, and improvement in skin texture and skin tone.

As you only need to take it once a day, this is a convenient supplement for most modern women today to maintain beauty from within and achieve healthier looking skin with a whitening and antioxidant protection effect.

Crystal Tomato is available in our clinic, pick up these supplements at our front desk. If you wish to seek more details on them or other treatments available such cystic acne treatment in Singapore, contact our concierge at +65 62218221 or +65 84488636.