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Skin Boosters in Singapore - Hyaluronic Acid Injection

✔ Are you seeking for a healthy and glowing complexion?
✔ Do you wish to increase your skin elasticity?
✔ Searching for ways to soften and smoothen your facial lines?

If you answer yes to the questions above, you may want to try Skin Boosters to hydrate and improve your skin! As we age, our skin faces loss of elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid present in the body. In addition to long working hours and stress, these can contribute to a dull, dry and rough skin. It is also best used in conjunction with the Rejuran Healer treatment.

Hyaluronic Acid Injection Singapore

What is the Skin Boosters (水光针) treatment?

Skin Boosters contain hyaluronic acid, a natural and critical component to a radiant and smooth skin. It is meant to restore hydration in our skin while having the ability to smoothen our skin and retain moisture. It is also a naturally occurring molecule in our skin, that promotes hydration and plumpness that are associated with a youthful and healthy skin.

Skin Boosters work through its biochemical properties to improve skin hydration, luminosity and firmness via hyaluronic acid micro injections into the skin. By reintroducing hyaluronic acid into the skin, the skin aging process can be reversed. Once injected, the molecules begin to absorb water up to 200 times its weight and swell, which brings immense hydration to the skin. Hydration is dramatically improved which results in plumper, brighter and more youthful skin.

What are its benefits?

Skin Boosters are great to help improve skin texture and tone, as well as combating dry and rough skin that has loses its elasticity. Some benefits of the treatment include:

bull;Firmer and smoother skin
• Better skin hydration
• Reduced fine lines and wrinkles
• Brighter-looking skin with more luminosity
• Improvement in acne scars

Anyone can certainly benefit from the treatment, but people with aged, dry or dull skin will be able to see the most results. Those who suffer from depressed acne scars can also benefit greatly.

Is it Painful?

The pain from the Skin Booster procedure is minimal. A numbing cream is applied over the area before the treatment to reduce the pain. Side effects that are injection-related such as temporary bruising, swelling and pin-prick marks can occur. The degree of the side effects depends on the sensitivity of your skin, the injection methods used by your doctor and their skill. There should be minimal bruising when the injection is carried out accurately and precisely into the right layer of skin.

How long can it last?

For the Skin Booster procedure, the results vary for different individuals but it typically lasts for 6 months and above. Subsequent treatments can be done every 6 months. The initial regime ensures that the skin is saturated with hyaluronic acid and kick-starts the process of collagen production to reverse skin ageing.

It is best to learn everything that you need to know about the procedure before making the decision to have it done. Call us at 8448 8636 or WhatsApp us at 8448 8636 now!