Brightening Skin Boosters - Singapore

Brightening Skin Boosters - Singapore

✔ Are you looking for a healthy & glowing skin?
✔ Are you looking to soften & smoothen your facial lines?
✔ Are you looking to increase your skin elasticity?

If your answer to these questions is yes, then you may wish to consider the Skin Boosters (水光针) for hydrating your skin! When we age, our skin loses collagen, hyaluronic acid & water. In addition to stress & long working hours, these results in dry, rough and wrinkled skin. It is also best complimented with the Rejuran Healer treatment:

What is the Skin Boosters (水光针) treatment?

Skin Boosters contains hyaluronic acid, a critical component to a radiant & smooth skin. It is meant to restore hydration in our skin and it is able to smoothen our skin & retain moisture.

Is it Painful?

The pain from this Skin Booster procedure is minimal. A numbing cream is applied over the area before the treatment to reduce the pain.

How long can it last?

For the Skin Booster procedure, the results varies for different individuals but it typically lasts for 6 months & above.

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