Non-Surgical Face Lift with Dermalift Singapore

The face is one of the most important features of the human body. As we age, the face can sag and wrinkle, making us look older. This is often complicated by the fast-paced life in Singapore, and high stress levels can worsen these problems. Moreover, many people cannot afford the time for aesthetic treatments like Fillers, Threadlifts, and Thermage, as these often come with some downtime.

If the above sounds familiar to you, fret not, because the Dermalift is a unique approach which provides an instant and last-minute face lift!

Dermalift is a non-surgical face lifting treatment which provides natural looking results with minimal downtime and side effects. This IS a highly recommended procedure for patients who have busy schedules and are looking for that “last-minute” face lift.

Have we gotten your attention? So how exactly does the Dermalift work?

Similar to Botox, the main component in Dermalift is Botulinum Toxin, specifically using the Dysport brand which is approved by the Health Sciences Authority.

Unlike Botox however, the Dermalift treatment involves the administration of diluted Dysport into your skin layer (intra-dermal) instead of your facial muscles. The stimulation of your fibroblast cells in your skin layer occurs and this results in the tightening of the collagen fibres.

When the Dermalift procedure is done precisely on specific points, you will be able to see a lifting effect due to the tightening of the collagen fibres.

In addition, you can expect tighter skin, smaller pores and reduction in wrinkles as well!

Wait, so what is the difference between Dermalift and the “traditional” Botox procedures?

While both conventional Botox and Dermalift use some form of botulinum toxin, they work via different mechanisms.

Traditional Botox Dermalift
Point of Administration Targeted at your Facial Muscles Targeted at points in skin layer (Intra-Dermal)
Desired Outcome Mostly to reduce wrinkles at a specific area Holistic reduction in wrinkles, along with a lifting and tightening effect of the whole face

The Dermalift Procedure

Before the administration of Dysport, your face will be cleansed thoroughly. After which, our doctors will perform a couple of injections using tiny needles on targeted points of your face.

Numbing cream can also be applied prior to the treatment to further reduce discomfort.

Who is suitable for the Dermalift?

• Patients who are in their 20s to late 30s with mild to moderate skin sagging and wrinkling, This is because they usually still have a decent amount of collagen in their skin and hence, respond optimally to this procedure.

• For patients who want a no-downtime and immediate facelift!

How soon can I expect results?

You will be able to see some results immediately after the procedure. However, optimal results will be seen usually within 2 weeks.

Post-Procedure Instructions

We will recommend that patients remain upright for 4 to 6 hours after the Dermalift treatment or injected substance may diffuse into other areas.

Avoid massaging the treated area(s) for at least 3 days.

Blood thinners (such as Alcohol and Fish Oil) and spicy foods should be avoided for the next 48 hours after the treatment as well.

Downtime and Pain Threshold?

There is no downtime for the Dermalift treatment and you can resume your normal daily activities after the treatment.

The procedure uses very thin needles and you may just feel a minor stinging sensation. Numbing cream can also be applied to further reduce discomfort.

Why should you choose Aesthetics Central Clinic for your Dermalift procedure?

This is because only a few doctors in Singapore are able to perform this unique procedure proficiently. As mentioned earlier, the administration of the Dermalift is different from traditional Botox.

These 3 key points will ensure a successful outcome:
• The method of dilution of Dysport
• The precise injection of Dysport into the EXACT skin layer (Intra-Dermal)
• The precise injection of Dysport into specific points on the face

At Aesthetics Central Clinic, our doctors do their best to ensure all the above are fulfilled and maximise effectiveness of the treatments administered.

Get your non-surgical and instant facelift NOW! Our doctors is only a call away at 62218221 / 97268856 (sms/whatsapp available).

*Due to the PHMC Act, we are not allowed to publish any “before and after” photos publicly.