• Do you have recurrent acne which won’t go away despite trying every treatment available
  • Does your acne treatment only work for a while, and then the acne recurs shortly after stopping
  • Are you on the brink of giving up hope, and resigned yourself to having acne for the rest of your life
  • What if there's a permanent solution? Introducing the AGNES treatment!

Dear reader,

Worry not! Please don’t give up hope yet!  There may yet be a solution for you.

As doctors who have been treating acne for over 20 years, we have encountered so many patients who have come to us depressed, despondent and resigned to a lifetime of acne.  We don’t blame them, of course.  These same patients have been visiting countless clinics, tried every conceivable medicine available, and still have acne breakouts despite being on very strong medicine.   Some of our patients have even taken Accutane, the strongest anti acne medicine out there (which has a lot of side effects) for months, only to find their acne recurring after stopping this oral medicine for acne.  They get depressed because they don’t see a solution, and with each passing day, their acne scars get deeper and deeper.

Yes, for those who have been suffering in silence out there, I can completely appreciate how you feel.  Because unlike adolescent acne, which tends to go away after a few years, this problem lingers on and does not go away even after you have reached adulthood.

So why is this happening to you?  Unfortunately, you may belong to a subset of patients with a problem known as ADULT ACNE or CHRONIC RELAPSING ACNE.  This is a problem, as the name suggests, which does not go away with conventional treatments.  So what is really happening in patients with Chronic Relapsing Acne?

In Adult Acne/Chronic Relapsing Acne, certain pores on the face have gotten damaged over time.  Because these pores are damaged, they get blocked more easily than normal pores.  So when the skin turns slightly oily for whatever reason, whether it is stress, sleep, diet, climate or cosmetics, then these pores are the first ones to get blocked and this leads to them forming into pimples.  This is why the acne always seem to be affecting the same few areas on the face.

Normal pore with smooth flow of oil

Oil gland with damaged and obstructed oil flow

How Do I Know If I have Adult Acne?

It’s easy to know if you have adult acne.  The most important criteria are listed below:

Adolescent Acne Adult Acne
Age < 20 Usually Age > 20
All over the face Always same few areas
Usually not same exact spot Same Exact Pimples in Same exact spot
Heals with minimal scarring Scarring getting worse over time
Lasts few years Lasts many years

This means that out of the thousands of pores on the face, there are maybe 1-2% of pores that are damaged and always getting blocked repeatedly.  This gives rise to pimples and acne that always re-occurs on certain similar parts on the face.  In fact, if you take more notice of your skin, you may even notice that there are certain pimples that ALWAYS RE-OCCUR ON THE SAME SPOT OVER AND OVER AGAIN!  This is a telltale sign that you are suffering from this problem of damaged or defective pores!

Am I Suffering from Hormonal Acne?

Actually all acne has a hormonal component.  Whether it is due to menses approaching or stress or sleep deprivation, our body’s hormones can become imbalanced.  This imbalance makes our body produce more oil on the skin.  Normal pores can usually cope with this increased oil production.  However, damaged pores cannot cope with the increased oil levels and this leads to clogging and subsequently an acne breakout on those damaged pores!

So if you have been struggling with this problem of adult acne like so many of my other patients, call my clinic today at (65) 6221 8221, so that I can explain things to you in more detail. 

So What is the Solution?

The answer is actually very simple.

At Aesthetics Central Clinic, we have devised a treatment protocol centred around a very special treatment.  How does this work?  Remember that adult acne is caused by damaged pores.  So we should not be treating all the pores on the face.  Instead, we need to FOCUS our treatment on ONLY THE DAMAGED PORES.

Let’s put it simply.  On your face now, there are 100,000 good, normal functioning pores.  However, out of all these, there are maybe 300-500 diseased, damaged pores that are always getting blocked, inflamed and infected repeatedly.  Think of it as a neighbourhood.  The presence of just a few bad guys in the neighbourhood of thousands of people, can make it a dangerous place!

Likewise, these “BAD GUYS” on the face are bad pores that make the whole face very acne prone.  The solution is that the doctor performing your treatment needs to painstakingly look at every single one of your pores under a microscope, and selectively treat the diseased, problem causing pores, one by one.  This is by no means an easy task, it takes me about 45 minutes to an hour of detailed, microscopic work, but it is very effective.

To perform this treatment, I use a special device called the AGNES which is developed in Korea and Japan to microscopically introduce a tiny burst of electrical energy into each diseased pore, via a very fine wire that is inserted directly into each pore.  This tiny burst of energy is enough to treat that diseased pore, causing the diseased oil gland to shrink and produce less oil.  When that oil gland produces less oil, the chances of that damaged pore getting blocked is lower and therefore it will have a much lower chance of becoming a pimple! It’s that simple!  Because we are treating only 1-2% of all pores out of a total of thousands of pores on your face, you will not notice dry skin or flaking or redness problems after this treatment!  Remember, we are treating only the “bad guys” and letting the “good guys” exist peacefully!

A snippet video of how the AGNES treatment is performed

What can you expect?  If your problem is indeed due to defective pores, then you will expect to see an average of 70%-90% improvement in your pimples.  Of course, you will still temporarily have the marks from the old pimples (that’s another story, where we can help you to treat marks), but the improvement that most patients will see is that there are significantly fewer pimples popping up after the acne treatment.  In fact, majority of patients will notice 50% improvement in their acne after only one treatment!  On top of that, pimples are smaller, less frequent, less deep and heal faster.

Most patients will require between 1 to 3 treatments* to achieve clearance of their pimple problem, although some patients may require more.  We usually couple this treatment with our range of acne care products to prevent new acne from forming from existing healthy pores.

So if you have been struggling with this problem of adult acne like so many of my other patients, call my clinic today at (65) 6221 8221, so that I can explain things to you in more detail. 

We have the complete solution…

At my clinic, we don’t just treat your pimples, but we also pride ourselves in being able to treat and improve your acne scars.  Once you have solved your acne problem, we can move on to solving the other problems associated with acne, such as deep acne scarring, pigmented acne scars, and purple acne scars.  Please give us a call today at  (65) 6221 8221 to find out more about our pimple related treatments.

*Disclaimer:  While we endeavor to provide the typical results that each patient may get from our treatments, because of the varied nature of human healing and disease, you may experience differing results.  We, therefore, make no guarantee as to the results that you will obtain.  However, we promise to treat your condition to the best of our abilities and to be honest and sincere in our treatments.