Skin Whitening & Pigmentation Treatments - Singapore

Skin Whitening & Pigmentation Treatments - Singapore

We have a wide variety of skin whitening and pigmentation treatment options, ranging from the 3D Cell Regeneration, Laser and Crystal Tomato.  Find out more about these options today.


3D Cell Regeneration

Our Signature 3D regeneration treatment utilizes tiny microjets to deep cleanse your pores, and also penetrate whitening treatment products into the skin.  Find out more here.


Our various laser treatments including Q-switched Nd-YAG laser and Fractional CO2 laser treatments are able to rejuvenate and whiten skin, and target tough pigments.  Find out more here.

Crystal Tomato

Crystal Tomato is an innovative product which contains colourless carotenoids.  Carotene is a compound found in tomatoes and concentrates in the skin to produce a whitening and antioxidant protection effect.  However, too much of this causes our skin to turn yellow.  With this innovative breed of white tomatoes, scientists have discovered a way to consume an ample dose of carotenoids without turning the skin yellow!  Just one a day to beautiful skin! Pick up these supplements at our front desk today!